16th – 17th February

Hotel Al Bustan Rotana
Dubai, UAE


With geospatial technologies having expanded their reach into every vertical and each facet of our daily lives, time is ripe for the society to discuss and deliberate on the easy in which these technologies can help us propel our growth to the next level. The Middle East with its abundance of resources and plenty of availability of technological know-how provides a fertile ground for the use and applicability of advanced spatial technologies in order to ensure accelerated growth and development. However, in order to make sure that these objectives are achieved, there is a need to create a knowledge sharing platform which can bring together stakeholders from all walks of life to share ideas and information. Geospatial Media and Communications (formerly known as GIS Development) is dedicated to raising the profile and expanding the horizons of the global geospatial industry. As part of its efforts to ensure global knowledge sharing amongst geospatial professionals across the globe, Geospatial Media and Communications is pleased to announce that the Middle East Geospatial Forum 2015 would be held at Hotel Al Bustan Rotana in Dubai, UAE from 16th to 17th February, 2015.

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